February Apps List

As we explained today, there has been a slight delay in pushing your school apps out. For that reason, we are giving you the opportunity to begin downloading the free apps contained in our February Apps List. Please remember that you are not expected to download any apps that cost money. These apps will be purchased by the school and pushed out to you in the near future.

The apps have been sorted into categories in the apps list. It is expected that you will use these categories to organise your apps into specific folders titled with the category name.

Year 56 BYO Apps List Feb 2016

BYO iPad Update


Students are going to be set up this week on to the Hampton Primary School network. Once students have been joined to the network, we can then begin connecting our students to our mobile management system which we use to wirelessly distribute the apps that we will be using throughout the year.

Apple ID

There is no requirement for students to have a school related Apple ID this year. Students may use an existing Apple ID that has been set up at home or linked to their family sharing account. Year 6 students who were using a school Apple ID last year can continue using it but they will need to update the primary/secondary email address on the account with a current email address.


Students will be receiving a new Department of Education email account this year, which we will be helping students to set up on their iPads shortly.

iPad Covers and Screen Protectors

As per the eSmart Acceptable Use Agreement, all BYO iPads must be brought to school with a protective case and a screen protector.

No iPads at school until further notice

Hi everyone,

Hope you’re excited for the first day of the 2016 school year tomorrow! You won’t be needing to bring your iPads to school until at least the beginning of Week 3 (08/02).

Acceptable use agreements will be sent out next week and these will need to be signed and returned by parents before iPads will be used at school.

See you tomorrow!

Important BYO iPad Info

In the next couple of days we will be beginning the process to retrieve the ‘school purchased’ apps that have been pushed out this year. Once we begin the retrieval process, the app will remain on the iPad for 30 days. You will be prompted with a message on the iPad to remind you of this. Within that 30 days it would be a good idea to back up any of the data that you would like to retain. Once the 30 days expires, you will be prompted with an alert to say that the app will be removed from the iPad unless you follow a link to purchase it in the AppStore.

All Hampton Primary School emails will also be disabled after Friday 18th (last day of school). Current Year 5 students who have Hampton Primary School emails will have these re-enabled when they return to school in 2016. This means that students will not have access to the Google Apps for Education Suite. All Google Apps for Education documents can be downloaded and saved if you would like to keep them.

Apple IDs will not be disabled.


17+ iPad Apps

We would like to remind students and parents about our policy regarding 17+ apps on the iPad. Unless negotiated with class teachers, students are prohibited from keeping apps rated 17+ on their iPad while at school. Examples of 17+ apps that could be negotiated with teachers for acceptable use are Google Chrome browser, Word Mania by Literacy Planet and the AFL app. This is part of BYO iPad Acceptable Use Agreement that was signed by students and parents at the beginning of the year.

There are some apps that are not open to negotiation as they contain or have the potential to contain inappropriate material. For example:

– Kik

– Tumblr

– Any Grand Theft Auto games

– Vine

We recommend that parents utilise the restrictions/parental controls to apply restrictions to downloading apps rated 17+. For information on how to apply these restrictions, please visit: https://support.apple.com/en-au/HT201304

There are many apps that are not rated 17+ but are still prohibited to use while at school. These apps should be kept in a folder on the last page of the iPad. Examples of apps that fall into this category are:

– Instagram

– Pinterest

– Snapchat

Please direct any questions or queries to Tim Bernau


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